Green Services

Eco friendly graphic design solutions for your business

Eco SME Business Audit

We aim to make sustainability accessible for everyone, especially businesses. We offer a business discovery audit that can provide valuable insights into ways you can improve your sustainability efforts, reduce your environmental impact and even cut costs in the process. We are dedicated to guiding you towards a more sustainable future, so don’t hesitate to reach out and utilise our services to embark on this important journey!

Digital Graphic Design

Does it really need to be printed? think about all the other ways you can do it. Could the same impact be achieved by email or an ebook?, even a digital business card? Have your thought about integrating QR codes? 

QR codes offer a more efficient way to share information. Email and e-books are eco-friendly and cost-effective while digital business cards provide important information without paper waste.

Sustainable Web Design

The amount of carbon emissions a website produces is mind-boggling, mainly due to the energy used to power it. In fact, the total carbon footprint of the internet is now equivalent to that of the aviation industry. Hosting is one of the significant contributors to a website’s carbon footprint. However, switching to a sustainable host is not the only solution available to reduce your website’s carbon emissions; there are other measures you can take, optimising the website to load quickly and reducing image size and scripts can also reduce its carbon emissions.

Eco friendly printing and Products

Interested in eco-friendly printing? Try recycled paper, eco fonts, and tree-free stocks made from sugarcane and bamboo. We’ll guide you towards informed, sustainable choices for your business and the planet. Reduce your carbon footprint, minimise waste, and find alternatives with us!